Few factors to consider for distribution center location

Determining the right location and size for a warehouse or distribution center can bring lot of difference. Choosing the wrong one can make you lose customers. A warehouse is an important part of any business, especially e-commerce. It is used to store and manage items to be sold. If you are planning to get your business a new warehouse and consider these few factors for selecting the best location for the building. Selecting the right location can make all the difference in how profitable, efficient, and effective an organization is.

There are many aspects to consider when opening a new distribution center, from location to labor force availability and to storage requirements could make all the difference for your business. 

Physical location

Choosing the best physical location for warehouse is quite important. The area where you’re looking to expand the business should offer prompt deliveries to your customers. Choose some central locations, considering the cost. Computing landed transportation prices to center from likely transportation costs will help you decide whether you need to book that location or not. The center’s proximity to carrier services and amenities should be considered as well. Search for an all-inclusive solutions that provides both transportation and warehousing to get the most out of your storage facility. 

Building layout

The best design of any center is determined by the type of operations is going to be conducted there. An old building may not be good for your new business ideas. For example, some aspects like column spacing and ceiling height can restrict the type of tool or machine that can be situated in the given area. It can also damage transfer of raw materials and finished products in and out. Hence, before deciding on old location or any particular building, you need to determine whether the space and layout will fit your needs or not. 

Compare facilities 

Some criteria vary by firm to firm and you can check whether the center is having the following facilities or not. 

Access to roadways: Since you’re mainly using the center to store goods, you need to check whether there is good access to highways. It should be convenient to move things by truck or small vans, straight from seaport or airport. Proximities to roadways are a must.

Climate control: Choose the location where heating and air conditioning capabilities can be adjusted, until your firm makes temperature-sensitive products that need precise air conditioning. 

Clean facilities:  Sterility and cleanliness are important for any firms in the industry. Look for center where the nearby area or building is clutter free, so that there is no space for dust accumulation or any other problems. 

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Written by Danny Dotson

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