Facts About Cryptocurrency That You Need to Know 

You probably have heard about Bitcoins and online trading activities. The need to have a global currency that is not centralized has been on the rise. Although major financial institutions are not endorsing the idea, some influential people like Mark Zuckerberg have been increasingly supporting the idea. Bitcoin trading platforms have been on the rise and a lot of people are already making a fortune from them. The value of cryptocurrency keeps rising making people trust it. The truth is that not all people have an understanding of the trade so here are some facts that are worth knowing. 

You Cannot Lose Your Wallet 

If you deal with cryptocurrency, you need to have a digital wallet. This is like an online wallet where all your coins are stored and it is safeguarded by your passwords and other security details. Your key is normally the gate pass to that account and in the unlikely event that you lose that key, you may never gain access to that account again. When the account is not accessed for several months, the wallet loses all the money and the money in it becomes crypto-void. You, therefore, become empty financially. 

Crypto-Jacking Can Ruin Everything 

There is a concept called crypto mining in which people mine bitcoins and other cryptocurrency units. There are scammers who can put some codes in your computers in the process of you clicking the links. As a result, they siphon money from your account to their accounts. You, therefore, end up being broke and you are unable to access any funds. How do you know that your computer is crypto-jacked? The moment it starts performing slowly than usual, you need to know that something is not right. You can change your computers or have them scanned. 

The Inventor of Cryptocurrency is Not Known 

You will be surprised that with all this zeal and eagerness to turn the world into cryptocurrency trading, no one knows the founder. Some people believe that it is the giant tech companies that invented the idea of cryptocurrency but none of them is taking responsibility for the same. As a result, people continue to be confused. Facebook owner, Mark, continues to advocate the need to have one global currency that will see all the people use it. Who is willing to risk his or her money on something whose founder has not come up yet?

Value of Cryptocurrency is Highly Volatile 

There is no stable value of cryptocurrency because its value keeps on changing. One time is one bitcoin is equivalent to $16000 and the next is below $10,000. People convert their bitcoins at the earliest opportunity to ensure they don’t lose money. 


There is a lot of doubt about crypto especially the fact that financial institutions are not backing it up. It is important to ensure you have outstanding knowledge about it before you start trading online. You can get bitcoin websites that have a lot of information about the trade for you to know exactly how to go about it. 

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Written by Danny Dotson

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