Easy and Friendly Method of Online Vodafone Bill Payment


Timely bill payments are so important – for if you don’t ensure that your bills are paid on time, then the services will be interrupted. Not to forget that you will have to pay late charges for late payments. Telecom operators in the country do provide their post-paid subscribers with some relief period wherein neither do they stop the services, nor do they levy any penalties. But, in the best interest of all, it is good to have the Vodafone bill payment done on time.

While, way before the online medium progressed one needed to manage making bill payments in their normal course of day-to-day work, things have changed tremendously in the present. Today men and women, the aged and even tweens and teens are making their Vodafone bill payment using the online medium. Really easy and convenient, this has become one of the most preferred ways of bill payments and recharges today.

In order to make your Vodafone bill payments, you can use: –

  1. The Vodafone website
  2. The Vodafone App
  3. Website and Apps from resellers like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe.

Using either of the medium mentioned above, you can comfortably and at ease make your mobile bill payments. The debate of which is the best amongst all the three has been on for a long time, but it finally depends on your preference, and the types of services that you want to use. For example, if you simply want to pay your Vodafone bills, you can use any of the three platforms mentioned above. However, if you want to not only pay bills, but also use other services like pay utility bills against electricity, water and gas; or buy train and airplane tickets, or book a movie or even pay for your monthly loan instalments, then it is better to use a credible reseller site. This is because most third-party vendors not only facilitate one single service like Vodafone bill payment; they enable you to pay bills against multiple service providers. Not only that, they assist you with numerous other facilities that include but are not limited to –

  • Mobile and DTH recharges
  • Restaurant and hotel bookings
  • Movie tickets; train and air tickets bookings
  • Recharge of bus and metro cards,
  • Payment of electricity, water and gas bills
  • Insurance premium and EMI payments and lots more.

There are distinct advantages of choosing the right third-party reseller. Reputed and leading service providers like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe offer hundreds of promotional deals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis enabling customers to save money. There are attractive cash-back offers, discounts, and even cross-service promotional offers which mean that if you make Vodafone bill payments you may get a dinner discount coupon or cash-back for a recharge service.

Using the online medium to make your bill payments is the best way forward today. Simple and efficient, the medium is easy to operate and has no major drawbacks except that you need to be extremely careful while making the payment.


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Written by Paul Watson

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