Convert Microsoft Access to Web Application

MS Access is a proven technology and is evolving day by day. Hence, many organizations are seeking options to convert Microsoft Access to the web application. If you are looking for a quick and dirty solution, you can choose converter, but if you want a long-lasting and secure system, you can look here to create a web application to replace your Access forms.

Upgrade an MS Access Application

Switching to a web application means your needs have grown from specific use to wider adoption by a department or organization. Here are some of the challenges faced by users:

2GB of storage limitations

This problem crops up as more data gets added after which the program will grind.

Reduce the number of concurrent users

The system can handle 255 concurrent connections; however, issues show up just with ten users.


Issues like sharing one large file across a network and managing the same windows patching as well as accessing forms version are a bit challenging.

Mobile last experience

Access was not created for mobile users


It is not challenging to break an Access password, and there is a good old fashion insider job

Fewer MS Supported options

Microsoft makes it challenging to transition off Access as it discontinues O365 as well as Share point support.


Here are some of the benefits to convert Microsoft Access to Web Application:

  1. Reliable availability via using several components to host as well as operate your application, decreasing the likelihood of one single point of failure
  2. Once an access app is upsized to a web application, businesses benefit from capabilities, including customer logging for audit trail since to who made the changes and what changes are made to the data
  3. A web application also offers a higher number of concurrency with integral capability beyond 255 users
  4. Web applications also deliver customized and focused user experience than just using forms
  5. Depending on specific approaches, web application offers a more secure way to manage data as well as access
  6. Full data control is existing as businesses get to figure out how the information is stored as well as clear ownership

How to Convert Microsoft Access to Web Application

There are two ways to convert MS Access to Web Application.

Direct Port: It is less complex, but it looks and smells a lot like a basic Access application.

Upsize: It takes more craft but positions the application for future evolution as well as enhanced security.

Today, there are a number of companies available to help businesses create and improve their IT architecture by designing as well as providing effective solutions to assist their prestigious projects. A team of experts is available to ensure that customers achieve their mission through the use of practical solutions. These experts are available to assist you with each step of the process when it comes to converting Microsoft Access to a web application that provides businesses with the intelligence power to make the right decisions.

By migrating to the web, businesses can tap into the power of cloud computing that can make their IT infrastructure robust as well as agile to accommodate upcoming challenges. Since they have spent thousands of hours, they have the right knowledge, experience, and tool to provide the right solution to meet your needs and expectations. Using the internet, you can easily find the right expert who can help you convert MS Access. Find the right expert and get in touch with them.

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Written by Michael Curry

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