AxiTrader full review

AxiTrader full review

There are a lot of traders looking for a trusted and professional broker to invest online. In fact, everyone should give importance to this choice: if you make a mistake, your business could go bankrupt immediately. This means that trading online is risky if you don’t pay attention to scams!

Today we want to present you axitrader review: the only way to be sure to use a good platform and live your best experience of trading online.

IS AxiTrade a safe broker?

The first feature to consider when you are looking for a trading platform is security. AxiTraders is a broker regulated by most important international authorities: FCA, ASIC, DFSA e SV. Moreover, this is a broker with a global presence: he has offices all over the world.

AxiTrade is known as a professional broker even because he offers to their users negative balance protection: a trader can’t lose more than his deposit.

Naturally, the broker provides to protect your account: for this reason, he has more than 40,000 customers in the world. We need to be clear: there are areas like Africa, America, Asia and Oceania in which his platform can not be used.

So, in the end, we want you to know that AxiTrade is a regulated and professional broker which offers support to their clients!

AxiTrade: account types

Another characteristic that you should consider before choosing a platform is what kind of account you can use. AxiTrader offers different accounts, so everyone can choose the best one for his tastes.

For example, users can start with a free demo account. This is a really advantage because it allows you to know how the platform works. Moreover, you will have a virtual credit to use to make experience on markets without using your money: the only way to be sure of having practiced without worrying about making errors.

Beginners can also consider the AxiTrader Standard Account: there is no minimum deposit and you can enjoy law and competitive spread.  Forx example, you can access Forex starting with 0,4 pips.

This account allows users to invest in 140 assets and more: the good news is that you can use CFD! That’s why this is one of the most popular accounts offered by a leader of trading online.

Experienced traders can pick the AxiTraders pro account: naturally, they will have more benefits than with the standard one. For example, there is no minimum account but in this case, spread starts only from 0 pips!

At the moment, even if this platform is really advanced, there is not an Islamic account!

The most popular opinions about AxiTrade

Every trader should check opinions about a platform before using it. For this reason, we want to present you the most popular ones about AxiTrade. Generally, this broker is considered one of the best of trading online: he offers flexible terms for every kind of trader!

Most professional users really appreciate the fact that this international broker has an educational section: you can access this for free and start learning everything about trading online!

There is also the opportunity to trade with MetaTrader: the most popular platform all over the world, because it combines intuitiveness with enhanced tools!

If you consider that Axitrade proposes law spread and 0 fees, it’s easy to understand why a lot of traders use this platform every day!

If you need customer service, AxiTrade constantly provides to help their users. You can contact them on a live chat, on email or you can use one of the telephone numbers present on the platform.

We can conclude saying that the only way to see if AxiTrade is the broker you need for your trading online is starting with a free demo account and not worrying about anything!

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Written by Michael Curry

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