All the professional SPA & Wellness uniforms for hotels 

When people think about hotel ancillary services, such as SPA and beauty centers, they usually pay attention to two main aspects. The first one is the place where they will be accommodate during the service and the second one is the person who will welcome them. Does he or she look smart and clean? Does he or she wear informal clothes or a professional uniform?

If you are an Hotel Manager, don’t forget to choose the right professional SPA uniforms with care for those who are in charge of these activities. SPA and Wellness uniforms give greater professionalism to your hotel facility and also help the guests to understand the role that each one plays

Do you know that there are at least three categories of professional uniforms for SPA and beauty center workers? Let’s find out more about the differences between one and the other, and how to choose the right one.

Three categories of professional SPA & Wellness uniforms

SPA and Wellness is the name we give to a large number of services and activities that regards the beauty and the health of the body, inside and outside an hotel. So, an esthetician or a massage therapist works in SPA and Wellness market as well as a doctor or a nurse. However, it is evident that each one has different tasks and responsibilities from the others.

We would like to introduce you to the three main categories of outfits for those who work in this market:


  • Medical: the classic white coat is part of this category of uniforms for the doctors and for health center beauticians, too.
  • Clinic: the typical tunic with trousers worn by the nurses and by the thermal SPAs employees.
  • Beauty: the practical side opening  tunic with the trousers, for massage therapists, hairdressers, estheticians, and those who work in beauty centers and SPAs.


If your hotel is equipped with a beauty center or a SPA, probably you will need to buy professional uniforms from each one of these categories.

Practical differences between the uniforms

These categories help to identify and differentiate roles and activities but that’s not all. Work clothes are different each other due to some very important details, such as, for example, the buttoning system. In fact, for those who work in SPA and Wellness market, the uniform has a practical function too. 

This is the reason why hairdressers, estheticians and beauticians tunic is equipped with the the side opening system, the doctor’s coat has the classic buttoning system  on the front side, and the SPAs employees tunic has no openings or buttoning systems. 

Hairdressers, estheticians or beauticians need a practical uniform, to be changed quickly in case of stains due to the substances they use every day (nail polish, solvents, chemicals). It must be comfortable and equipped with pockets where to store any tool. On the contrary, the classic white coat must cover the informal clothes but it is not designed in order to prevent accidents or to store tools. At least, the SPA employees need a high temperature and vapor-resistant tunic with no openings, pockets or laces that can hinder any movement. This is the reason why their tunic has no buttoning systems.

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Written by David Thacker

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