Agriculture Equipments – Become Aware of their Functions

Agriculture or Farming is not just like any other profession. It is a work or profession without which we would not get the food we eat and we would not be able to survive without Agriculture. It also supplies us with our daily requirements like milk, eggs, bread, cheese, and many other things. So, it is a very important profession. The Man has been growing food for ages and he has practiced Agriculture in one way or the other. But Agriculture is no easy task and requires a lot of effort on the part of a farmer. It is a long and hard task.

A Farmer sows a seed and reaps the crop of the same after the hard work of many months. For the crop to be good the Farmer requires the right technique and methods to grow a crop. He needs to have complete knowledge of growing a crop. But equally important are Agriculture Equipment or Farming Equipment for a successful crop. These tools or pieces of equipment help you in making farming easy. It saves you a lot of time and effort. Without them, Farming would have been a difficult task. So, every farmer should have some basic farming equipment. List of these Agriculture Equipments is-

  • Plow– A Plow is a very important piece of Agriculture Equipment. It helps you in tilling the soil. It helps to make the soil fit for growing crops. It is a very important tool.
  • Harvester – A Harvester is a piece of equipment that helps the farmer in harvesting the crop and to make it ready for the market. A Harvester cuts the crop properly and it does not leave behind any portion of the crop. So, it is a very important Agriculture or Farming Equipment.
  • Tractor– Well a Tractor is the first piece of equipment with which everything starts in farming. It helps you in tilling the soil and preparing it for sowing the seeds and other farming processes.
  • Hauling Machine– You can also call it as Hauling Equipment. Having this piece of equipment is very important because in farming we require to move a lot of weight from one place to another and this piece of equipment helps us in that.
  • Cultivator– Sometimes the soil is not yet fit to do farming even using a Tractor. In that case, we use a Cultivator. A Cultivator is a piece of equipment that comes with teeth and helps in further tilling of the soil.
  • Sprayer– A Sprayer is a piece of equipment that is used to shower pesticides and insecticides on the crops to protect from pests and insects. Although it is a very small tool it does plays a crucial role in farming.
  • Seeders and Planters– With the help of this equipment seeds are sown or plants are planted. After using a Tractor the soil gets ready and then we use these pieces of equipment to grow a crop.

These are different types of equipment used in Farming. For successful Farming, the farmer needs the help of these types of equipment. A Farmer can get them on a lease or can buy brand new pieces of equipment. The Service of the lease is provided by many companies such as

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