7 Services to Help you Ship Merchandise Overseas

Anyone who has shipped goods to international markets knows it can be a complicated and convoluted process with many steps involved. It can be easy to get lost in all the rules and the regulations as well as the best packaging methods and the modes of transport to use to ship your product. Even the most capable and organized people can struggle to get a handle on all that shipping merchandise overseas into an international market entails. 

Thankfully there are professionals with years of experience and expertise in the field of shipping products long distances. Finding a company that suits your needs can make the process a whole lot easier. Not to mention affordable. This is why millions of people have turned to Shiply as a result to try to force market prices down their way, which is easily obtainable since competing companies bid furiously for your business on enrollment on the load board. From palletizing to transloading to crating to storage there is a multitude of services that cater to companies and individuals who want to ship their goods overseas. Do not feel like you need to do it all on your own. Here are a few services offered to help you with shipping.

  • Crating

If you are shipping smaller merchandise that is not too large or heavy then you may not have to worry about crating but if you are moving over-sized, irregularly shaped and/or heavy loads packing and crating services will be perfect for you. You can have customized shipping crates built specifically for your product and this will help to ensure your merchandise arrives in pristine condition. They take into account fragility, protection and environmental concerns.

  • Industrial Packing

When your company is shipping industrial products you may need a business that has extensive experience in packing large and heavy items that must be blocked, braced, secured and moisture-protected so they are not damaged while in transit. Professionals can also offer the service of disassembling heavy duty industrial equipment to make sure it fits into cube containers so it can be shipped safely and securely. 

  • Transloading

If you need to utilize more than one mode of transport when you are shipping your product from point A to point B finding a company with transloading capabilities can make things much easier for you. It will help you to avoid the use of distribution centres and your containers can be destuffed then sorted and repacked then loaded onto another method of transportation. Transloading can make shipping much more efficient while helping you to cut costs.

  • Palletizing

Many businesses that are shipping product overseas use pallets as a way to ensure their merchandise arrives at its destination in a safe and secure way. Cargo is placed on a pallet and secured with straps and then often wrapped so it remains stabilized during transit. Hiring a company that offers palletizing services to protect your shipment means you can rest easy knowing any potential risks have been minimized and damage is much less likely.

  • Environmental Protection

When you are using ocean freight or any other mode of transport that may expose your merchandise to the outside climate it is important that you think of the best way to protect your goods. Finding a company offering environmental protection services such as shrink wrapping or customized industrial crates can take all the worry away. They will package your merchandise so that it is not exposed to the elements, protecting it from damage during shipping.

  • Storage

Sometimes during the shipment process containers end up being left behind and then have to catch up to the rest of the load, while others may arrive earlier than expected. When you choose a company with transloading capabilities they can hold your cargo until the rest of the shipment arrives. This way you do not have to worry about having to pay extra for costly storage fees while waiting and when it all finally arrives the transloader can send it on to its destination.

  • Corrosion Protection

When shipping industrial equipment or anything that has metal components there is a risk of corrosion due to exposure to environmental elements such as moisture, and salt in the air during transit. There are products and services available to you if this is a concern with your shipment so you wn’t have to worry about your merchandise being at risk of damage from corrosion.

  • Sufferance

There are times during the shipping process that a product will not pass through customs immediately upon arrival. This means it needs to be stored short-term in licensed warehouses until it can be processed. Having this service means your product is protected and secure while increasing the likelihood that your merchandise arrives at its destination in pristine condition.

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Written by Michael Curry

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