6 Road Construction Safety Tips

Construction sites come with plenty of dangers and work that takes place on roads used by the public pose their own set of hazards, including death. Summer is particularly the season for travel and the time for road work. And this means heavy traffic and drivers unfamiliar with their surroundings. To ensure safety for both travelers and construction workers follow these tips.

Have a plan

Every road construction project should have an orderly management plan. The plan should include temporary traffic control plan to protect workers and for drivers to be guided accordingly. Traffic control plan inside the work zone that manages the flow of heavy Unitfine equipment, construction vehicles, and workers should also be included.

Properly control traffic

The work zone should consist of an advanced warning signal that can easily be seen, especially during night time. This warning signs will alert motorists on the upcoming changes in driving condition. The work area should also consist of a transition area using traffic control devices for lane closures and traffic pattern shifts, a buffer area, the work area and an end area to allow traffic to resume back to normal. A sign indicating that the work zone has ended should also be placed and install barriers to protect workers from passing vehicles.

Wear proper safety equipment

This safety tip is the most important tip that you and your employees should follow. All personnel inside the work zone should wear appropriate safety equipment for their safety and avoid accidents. With constant machinery like a separator or a mixer roaving around or when handling machines like fine screen, you should always wear safety apparatus. Personal protective equipment or PPE includes hard hats, steel-toed boots, hearing protection for a high level of noises and highly visible clothing that are bright fluorescent orange or lime/yellow in color and have visible reflective material, especially if working at night.

Be aware of your surroundings

Regardless of what your job duties entail in the work zone, you should always be alert, attentive, and mindful of what’s going on around you. Avoid walking behind any vehicles that may be moving backward. Have a spotter available to monitor the movement of vehicles and heavy equipment when your back is turned. Spotters also alert workers to any potential dangers.

Avoid blind spots

Vehicles and heavy equipment, including dump trucks, compactors, pavement planers, excavators, pavers, and rollers are continually moving inside the work zone. While operators should ensure that all mirrors are attached and operating correctly, you should also remember that the driver has a limited line of sight so you should be careful when working near these machines. Remember that if you can’t see them, then they probably don’t see you too.

Stay hydrated

People working on road constructions are exposed to dust and heat, and so they are susceptible to heat-related illnesses. Workers should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated or any liquids that are high in electrolytes like sports drinks or coconut water. Workers should not remain under the sun for a long time, especially on extremely hot days. Get out of the heat and sun for some time to avoid heatstroke, dehydration, and heat exhaustion.

Employees working in construction sites are expected to finish product quality projects. In doing so, you must follow safety regulations to protect yourself and also prevent project delays.

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