5 Ways Recurring Payment Processing in USA Help Businesses Succeed

Modern customers look for convenience when it comes to shopping anywhere – at the kiosk, food truck, table, counter, online at e-commerce websites, or at their homes. With most merchants allowing customers to pay as they like, the landscape has already become quite competitive. If you are still following the traditional methods of payment and not giving your customers the freedom to shop at their convenience, you are heading towards failure. You may easily lose your customers to your competitors who are following the trends. Hence, an online merchant account is a necessity, if you want to grow and succeed.

Get a Recurring Payment Merchant Account in USA

Merchants have to accept payments and carry out multiple fund transfers. But, managing recurring payments is not an easy task at all. That is why a recurring payment merchant account in USA is highly recommended for all merchants who aspire for success in their business. There are many benefits of recurring payment processing in USA for merchants as well as customers, top 5 of these are discussed here for your quick reference.

Benefits of Recurring Payments for Merchants

Recurring payments bring along a host of benefits for merchants, including:

Predictable cash-flow – Decision-making becomes easier and better when you are aware of the funds coming into your account from different sources.

No chance of missing a payment – With all your payments streamlined and so well managed, there is no chance that you would miss a payment.

Saves time & money – As you don’t have to chase down your overdue bills, you end up saving a lot of time and money.

Processing fees are reduced – With recurring and digitized payments, merchants like you can easily avoid several costly charges that are otherwise associated with paper-based checks.

Increased customer retention – Customer retention tends to be higher when you automate the payments through your recurring payment merchant account. Customers need to deliberately stop future payments by opting out of recurring payments and billing.

While these were the benefits that merchants stand to gain when you (the merchant) set up a recurring payment merchant account, there are several benefits waiting for the customers as well.

Benefits of Recurring Billing for Your Customers

  •         Fewer late payments and late fees – With recurring billing, customers can save themselves from the penalties associated with late bills. This is particularly great for customers who have to travel frequently as they cannot carry their checkbooks or invoices everywhere.
  •         Immense ease and convenience – As recurring payments automate future payments; customers can pay bills without even having to log in to their accounts every time they have to pay the bills.
  •         Spending is more manageable – Recurring payments allow customers to spread the costly item’s payments over multiple billing cycles, which makes spending easily manageable for them.
  •         Easier and quicker payments – Sending money and making payments is both faster and easier with a recurring payment account.

And one common benefit bestowed upon customers as well as merchants is the environmental benefit. With no need for paper-based receipts, checks, and invoices, you can also make your contribution towards a cleaner and greener earth.

Save More with Zero Fee Credit Card Processing US!

If the recurring payments merchant account benefits aren’t enough to make you happy, you must go for zero fee credit card processing in US with Payment USA. With your zero fee credit card processing account, you get a 100% value of each transaction.

In simpler words, zero fee credit card processing in US saves you from the pain of paying the transaction fee every time the customers shop from your store. Contact us to discuss your recurring payment processing in USA or zero fee credit card processing in US.

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Written by David Thacker

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