5 Types of stamps that are relevant for modern businesses


Technology has taken over all the business processes and elementary tools like the stamps seem to have lost their relevance. All the data, information, communication, and transactions are digitized. This has eliminated the need to sort and label these resources. However, there are still applications where different kinds of stamps are used by today’s modern businesses. You can use a signature stamp to sign documents, address stamp to mark envelopes, or the justice of the peace stamp to certify document copies, etc. The biggest reason for the popularity of stamps even in the age of the Internet is the versatility and ease of use. You can order customized stamps with the content of your choice or get a dynamic stamp that can be adjusted for different prints. They are extremely simple to use and can exceptionally streamline the processes with minimum efforts. Some popular stamps that still hold relevance in modern businesses include the following.


  • Signature stamp


Any business document without the signature of the authorized executive or the CEO holds no meaning. Such documents are often kept on stay until the concerned person is back from an official trip or out of a meeting. Stamps can be greatly helpful in such cases. Also, when you want to send a Christmas or new year greetings to all your clients, you may need the signature of the authorities to make them more impressive. A stamping signature will save plenty of time and effort in such a case. Although the printing signature is an option not all kinds and sizes of papers can be used with printers.


  • Privacy stamp


These stamps can efficiently block a small section of information on the papers that are to be disposed of. This is an easy way to get the task accomplished and save the shredding machine from wearing which can be used only for the papers with sensitive information. Also, it is possible to recycle the stamped papers which is not possible with shredded papers.


  • Customized address stamp


Customized address stamps can be a great replacement for the envelopes with your company’s address on them. You can convert any kind of envelope into your company’s professional envelope in the most cost-effective manner. These can also be used for printing RSVP addresses. You can use them to send personalized greetings on festivals and birthdays and anniversaries of your client to make them feel valued.


  • JP and certification stamp


Numerous types of JP and certification stamps can be created which are used for a variety of purposes. For instance, oftentimes you need to use copies of important documents for your operations. These copies needed to be attested and certified valid with your signatures. JP stamps are an easy, time-saving, and economical way of validating such documents.


  • Security stamp


This is the most amazing use of stamps. You need to get an invisible stamp ink with your official seal. Grant access to this stamp only to the authorized person and mandate that the seal has to be checked in dark. Any document without the seal is deemed meaningless. It is difficult to duplicate invisible ink with custom stamps that ensure secured paperwork.

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Written by Paul Watson

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