3 Types of Photo Prints That Will Totally Revamp Your House

Photo prints have essentially been a part of house decor since ages. Whilst it was, and still is, photo frames that did all the magic in the past, there are newer and better options now. The ones we are talking about have been discussed at length in the guide below. If interested, grab a seat and read on!

  1. Acrylic Glass Photo Prints

The Big acrylic printson glass are quite popular options for house interiors. It is because of the following reasons.

  • Acrylic photo prints are shatter-resistant.
  • The image is printed directly on glass. So, the color neither smudges nor melts over time.
  • It is extremely lightweight and easy to mount with 3 display options – standoff option, float option, float frame option.

That said, some of the most amazing features of acrylic prints are listed below.

  • The pictures are full of life with vivid colors. Also, the contrast ratio is just too good to overlook. It bestows the prints with an HD-like quality.
  • Print on glass can be experimented with. It can be a shadowy image, a collage of many pictures, or anything you would want it to be.

All in all, they’re value for money frames you must buy for the interiors of your house.

  1. Back-lit Photo Prints

The back-lit prints at Big acrylic are a huge hit amongst corporate space, retail shops, and visual merchandises. It’s because of one simple fact – the graphic can be changed easily.

The fabric in which back-lit prints are stamped is designed to distribute light at all places in equal amounts. So, the pictures are shiny and the colors literally pop out. Some of the most stunning features of big acrylic back-lit photo prints are listed below.

  • The images are dye sublimated.
  • It has an almost frame-less display.
  1. Big Acrylic Metal Prints

These are made in dibond with a flatbed printer. And dibond is polyethylene in the center with aluminum edges. As a result, these prints are extremely strong and durable – one of the reasons that they are perfect options for exterior decor. That’s mostly because:

  • Metal prints can withstand heat.
  • The frame does not allow moisture to seep inside. So, the colors remain intact.

They are basically of 2 types – brushed prints and White prints – with a newer addition, semi-gloss metal prints with varnish. Organically, prints on metal are matte. So, if you want a hint of gloss to your metal prints, better request for varnished images in brushed metal and/or white prints, whatever you choose.

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Written by Paul Watson

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