Things To Know Before Buying an Air Compressor

If you are planning to buy an air compressor, then it is obvious that you need to buy a quality compressor that is up for the intended tasks. There are therefore several factors that you need to consider to guide you on choosing the best compressor.

Below are some of the top things that you need to know before buying a compressor.


You need to determine the size of the air compressor and one of the best strategies to get the exact size is checking on the horsepower rating. However, some traders may exaggerate the ratings and it is therefore important that you get a strategy to get the actual rating of the horsepower. You may consider checking on the amount of power consumed after running the compressor. Usually a 5 HP motor will run on 24 amps on 220 volts. If the ratings are overrated the motor could draw about 15 amp, 110 volts. Simply find a strategy to ensure that the horsepower is accurately rated.

2.The air compressor tank size

The size of the tank may not be significant as it is only used in storing the air. However if you need to save some money, you may choose a smaller air compressor with a larger tank. Also remember that this option is only possible if you use air intermittently. The compressor will run in the same way as the smaller. The only difference is that the smaller tank may not be more efficient in starting and cooling the air.

If you are financially stable, you may consider buying a smaller tank as it is more portable and efficient in getting up the pressure.

  1. Air pressure

You will also need to check on the air pressure rating to ensure that you purchase a compressor that runs more efficient. In most cases, you find that the air pressures are rated about 90 PSI. With such a rating, the air compressor will run properly but you will need to ensure that the compressor has a higher shut-off pressure. Consider acquiring air and air pressure from Gardner Denver air compressor parts for quality designs.

  1. The CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute)

If you need to acquire a quality compressor, determining the volume of air produced by the compressor is key. The CFM rating is based on the size and as well as the speed of the compressor pump. For a more efficient air tool, consider a 3 to 4 CFM for a 90 PSI compressor. The CFM ratings may be exaggerated too just like the horsepower ratings and therefore you should be careful to ensure that the CFM ratings are accurate.

  1. Single and two-stage compressors

Experts recommend buying a two-stage compressor if you need high pressure. These types of compressors are fitted with two cylinders and therefore the air pressure will pump the air through the two cylinders before being stored into the tank.

However if your applications do not require high pressure then you may consider a single-stage compressor. You may also need to choose industrial compressors for quality purposes. Gardner Denver air compressor parts are also a great choice.

  1. Duty cycle

The duty cycle is also a major factor to consider while purchasing a compressor. It indicates the amount of time that the compressor is allowed to run. Quality compressors will usually run at a rate of 100% rating meaning that it can even run for 10 minutes in the 10 minute period.

It is always recommended that you talk to an expert before buying a compressor. A professional will guide you on everything that you may need to know to help you purchase the best compressor that suits your needs.

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Written by Paul Watson

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