Pros and Cons of using a plastic basket

Plastic is a common material which everyone has become reliant on in our daily consumption of products. It can be used for various purposes like storage units and food wrappers to contain common household commodities. There are many types of plastic for various purposes, however, it is important to note the type of plastic used in a plastic crate basket as it comes into contact with food. This is because some plastic does contain some harmful substances that may be leaked into the contents such as food products that we store in those containers.



There are many benefits to use plastic as a material to create a plastic crate basket to store food and non-food products. Plastic storage units are resilient in strength and ability to carry a reasonable amount of weight without breaking or bending out of shape.

Convenient and Multipurpose 

Manufacturers use plastic as a material when creating products like storage units, basket or packaging as it is cheap and easy to mass-produce. Plastic baskets have multipurpose functions such as being unaffected by water and derived in many different forms and sizes to serve various needs. It is also resistant to pests like rats and insects to protect your items from damage.


Some of these plastic storage units are transparent which allows you to view the contents of it instantly, which helps you to be able to identify everything. These are some of the many benefits that a plastic storage unit can provide you with an effective and efficient storing method.

Impact on Plastic

Plastic baskets are slightly malleable and can withstand the impacts of some forces. A slight sudden impact like throwing or dropping does not affect the integrity of the product as a whole. There may be slight scratches or dents but the structural integrity of the basket still functions perfectly fine.  



Not the Best Material for Heavy Loads

Although plastic is sturdy material that can withstand certain weights, it is not the best material for heavy loads. When plastic is used for industrial containers or crate baskets, weight is an important consideration that must be factored in. As industrial containers and baskets tend to be stacked on top of each other, the weight of the contents may cause damage to other containers below them. If the load over exceeds the weight limit, the plastic will crack, bend or break.

Residue Smell or Taste

Some plastic containers which contain food or pungent substances may take on the odour characteristics of it and cause a residue smell even after cleaning it with detergent. This material is prone to retain the smell and taste of the previous stored food and substances, hence it is important to note what you put into your plastic containers. If the odour is a major concern when storing things in a container, then perhaps other materials like glass or metal might be more suitable to fulfil your needs and preferences.  

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Written by David Thacker

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