How to Establish Your Professional Presence Online

We are living in an increasingly digital-driven world. As a result, it is of the utmost importance that you pay attention to how you brand yourself on the internet. Aspiring professionals need to embrace the role that the internet plays in business development by ensuring that they are putting their best foot forward. Now, the best way to create a professional image for yourself, or your company, is by developing a professional online profile. You can look at this board of trustees profile as a high-quality example of digital branding. The CENSA board members showcase their skills, their image, and their goals in a professional manner. Now, if you don’t have your own website, that’s okay. There are other ways for you to craft your online image.

Building Your Professional Online Profile

Aspiring business professionals need to understand that the web is a true developmental gamechanger. When you meet other professionals within your field, the first thing that they are likely to do is to search your name online. When your name is typed into a search engine, are you happy with the results that come up? While we all like looking back at old Facebook pictures, that really isn’t the way to develop your brand. In order to establish your presence online in a professional manner, consider pursuing the following steps.

1) Official Facebook Page – There are arguments to be made about Facebook’s place in society. However, it is inarguable that Facebook can help to establish your brand. Create a professional Facebook page that is front-facing and open to the Public. Upload a professional headshot and incorporate links to your website, your contact information, and your resume. Do not use this Facebook page for anything outside of your industry. Facebook is great at indexing toward the top of the search rankings. Your professional Facebook page will be one of the first results that potential recruiters see.

2) Fill Out Your Linkedin – Linkedin may have become something of a meme, but people actually DO use the platform. Unfortunately, most people don’t bother fully embracing the benefits that LinkedIn can provide. Make sure that you fill out your profile top-to-bottom. Make sure that you continuously update your profile when you experience a change in education, employment history, or skillset. Engage often with other users and prioritize endorsing those that you have worked with. LinkedIn isn’t the deadzone that many people would have you believe. It might be purely inhabited by corporate recruiters, but you still want to impress them.

3) Secure Your Personal Pages – If you have personal social media accounts, you are going to want to make sure that they are completely privatized. While there is nothing wrong with sharing your life or your opinions, you never know when those opinions will cost you a potential job. By securing your personal pages, you make sure that your content is seen only by those that you trust.

Establishing an online professional profile can be a tiny bit intimidating. After all, the internet is as deep as it is wide. With that being said, by focusing on the major platforms that we outlined above, you can prepare your profile for the professional world.

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Written by Michael Curry

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