Eight reasons to consider supply teaching

Supply teaching is a good way of balancing time in a classroom with your extra-curricular activities. Becoming a supply teacher can help your career a lot because of the added flexibility and your chances of experiencing a variety of schools.

Supply teaching provides teachers with a way of readdressing their work-life balance. For the new ones in the industry, it provides them with a way of dipping their toes in before they commit to the position permanently.

If you forgo the routine and regular salary, there are many reasons why you should consider becoming a supply teacher. Below are some of them.


Teachers usually have to plan their holidays at given times so it fits with the school year, but this doesn’t apply to supply teachers. This makes things better for you because you get the off-peak travel prices and you don’t have to deal with crowded destinations.


Target-setting, planning, assessments, and meetings make up the daily routine of teachers. Supply teaching provides relief from these tasks.


Most teachers usually stay in schools for years and they don’t get the chance of experiencing life in any other school. This may provide them with security, familiarity, and other benefits, but some supply teachers tend to fill like they are missing out. You are going to be at many different schools, and you get to meet different members of staff. This makes the experience great.


There are teachers who have a hard time saying goodbye to the classroom and like the fact that they can continue teaching through supply work. They also get to do this on their own terms. You are the one to decide the amount of work you want to do wherever you want. Another option is approaching local schools and seeing if they need part-time support.


If you want to move to a new area, then you should consider supply work first before making the decision. You are going to learn more about the community, facilities, advantages, and problems by working with the children and their families. Other teachers will also provide you with more information that is going to help with the decision-making.

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Test drive

In the same way, people usually test drive cars before they can buy them, supply teaching gives you the chance of working in different schools so you can make an informed choice when you choose the school you are going to work for permanently.

Returning to teaching

If you have been away from the classroom because you took some time off to spend time with your children or you tried a new career and you are thinking of going back to the classroom. Schools are going to take you seriously when you show them you have up-to-date experience and you are aware of the current development and initiatives in education. This makes it important to spend time in a classroom to refresh and update your skills. This is also going to give you a chance of making sure returning to teaching is the best thing for you. Supply teaching is going to make things easier for you.


If you remain in the same environment for a long, your teaching style can become insular. You have a chance of talking to other teachings, planning and assessing, seeing how they teach and open your eyes to other ways of doing things. You can also come across bad practices you should avoid. Supply teaching is going to help you a lot with your career.

The above are some of the most common reasons why you should consider supply teaching.

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Written by Sheri gill

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