10 Reasons Why Successful Companies Are Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are an incredible way to boost your business, whether you’re a small operation or a global corporation, they can help you to run a better, more productive company. Outsourced, offshore assistants are incredible for cutting costs whilst still maintaining amazing levels of quality. One of the major benefits of a virtual assistant is that they are usually multi-talented and highly experienced, meaning you can trust them to enhance multiple areas of your business! If you’re curious as to just how your business can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant, here are the top ten reasons why they are a favourite amongst successful Australian companies:

  1. Time efficiency 

Time is money, is a saying for a reason. Time is one of the most valuable aspects of business, and overall life! You need to have a sufficient amount of time to think, train, develop and run your staff and your business, and a virtual assistant guarantees just that. By hiring an outsourced assistant, you are opening up time to get on and do that work that you really want to do whilst maintaining the productivity and general running of your company!

  1. Cost-effectiveness 

Outsourced virtual assistants are far more cost-effective than hiring domestically or in-house. You’ll find yourself a highly-skilled, experienced and knowledgable assistant at an amazing rate that you could never secure at home. An outsourced virtual assistant will bring talent to your team whilst saving you money.

  1. Fewer tasks, more time 

A virtual assistant will be able to take a whole world of tasks onboard, so you can have more time to do what you need to do! Small, menial everyday jobs can really bog you down and hinder your visionary capabilities, after one day with a virtual assistant by your side, you’ll feel like a new person.

  1. Free yourself of admin! 

There are days when you answer a few emails, take a few phone calls and review your schedule, then the next minute it’s three in the afternoon. Admin is a huge consumer of time and resources, so put a stop to the administrative vortex and outsource these tasks to your virtual assistant!

  1. Streamline your workplace 

Your team is central to your company, and you need to dedicate time, resources and attention to all your staff if you want to build a long term, talented workforce. A virtual assistant frees up funds, space and resources so you can really develop your in-house personnel. You’re only as good as the people you work with!

  1. Enhance your output’s quality 

Your virtual assistant will be able to help you with social media content, photo editing, simple graphic design tasks and even a bit of coding. An experienced virtual assistant will enhance the quality of your output in a fashion that wouldn’t be in the budget if you were hiring in-office. Enjoy better output with a talented and creative virtual assistant.

  1. Customer service 

You can outsource all customer service tasks to your virtual assistant. Whether this is a chatbot, phone line or email service, you can assure that your customers are consistently serviced with amazing, professional attention from an assistant that cares.

  1. Perfect your platform

Your social media presence is incredibly important, so invest in its quality with a virtual assistant! They can help with building profiles, creating content and managing your audience.

  1. Free up your time and your mind 

Remember that life is all about balance, pouring too much of yourself into your work will leave you feeling deflated and unproductive. A virtual assistant can aid you with scheduling and diary management to ensure that you’re keeping that perfect work-life balance that we’re all dreaming of!

  1. Grow your business 

With better analytics, social media, productivity, customer service and an enhanced in-house team, you’re sure to see these results reflected in your business’ profitability! A virtual assistant will unlock your team’s potential and grow your company! Outsource a virtual assistant today!

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Written by Paul Watson

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