Why invest in branding?

What does it mean to brand a business? Branding can encompass a whole host of items and elements your business needs to attract, retain and gain your ideal customers. However, some see branding as an expense, yet the opposite is true. It’s an investment. 

Spending time and money developing your brand will affect how your business is perceived by your customers, your employees, the press and others within your industry. Having the ability to shape those perceptions provides you the key to influencing behaviour, including how people engage with your business and who makes a purchase.  

Benefits of branding

If done correctly, branding can have a multitude of benefits, including:

Attracting your ideal customers – Creating a voice for your business is a big part of branding, so is knowing how to speak to your customers in order to peak their interest, along with creating an ethos they’ll connect with. Further to this, if you brand your business right, you’ll also be able to use colours and designs in a way that your ideal customers are likely to engage with. 

Highlights your value allowing you to command a premium price – People are more willing to pay a premium price for a product or service from a brand they can relate to and understand the value of. If your able to brand yourself in a way that differentiates you from your competition, you’ll be able to justify your worth. 

Decreases your marketing costs – Developing a brand that honestly and unequivocally represents your brand will enable you to make the most of your marketing efforts while remaining in the minds of your target audience, making you memorable. This means by spending less and less you should convert more at a better price point.

Simply put, a clear and defined brand identity sets you in good stead for success!

What should you invest in?

Not only should you take the time to shape your brand voice and identify your ethos and shape your company culture, you should also consider where your brand will be seen.

Photography – invest in getting professional photos taken of you, your team and offices to allow customers to see into your business, to see who you are and what you’re about.

Website – Ensure your website is on brand. It should include the right tone of voice, portray the right messaging, contain on-brand colours, designs, icons and logos, as well as fonts.

Social media – This is another window into your business for your audience to engage with. Share content you believe in, don’t just try to sell to people as it won’t get you very far.

Business cards – These are always handy to keep on you. Ensure they’re simple, using the on-brand colours, logos and fonts. You may also want to add a texture to ignite the receiver’s senses.

Banners – These are perfect for not only displaying in the office for when guests pop in, but also for exhibitions, talks and various other shows.

Bags – If you’re going to exhibit or have a stand at a fair, invest in eco-friendly, reusable bags. People will place all the items they receive in your bags, getting your brand out across the event.

Re-usable tech items – If you’re looking for an item to take to an event to promote your business and brand, consider a tech item such as portable speakers, power banks, or USB sticks that you can pre-load videos, presentations and useful guides on to. Find out more about pre-loading data on USBs at USBMakers blog here >

If you want to lead the way in your industry and grow your business successfully, investing in your brand identity is vital. 

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