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Do you feel good alone to promote your offers on the internet? Do you need a sales team, but you know that’s unrealistic? Affiliate marketing is the solution you need to bring together business partners and boost your sales exponentially. However, this marketing lever is often overlooked. With our concrete explanations, affiliate marketing will no longer hold any secrets for you.

The Right Principles

The principle of affiliate marketing is similar to a network of business introducers: partners recommend your offers for you and take a commission (a percentage) when they bring you a customer.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based system. As long as you don’t receive a sale or a definite earning action, you don’t owe your partner anything.

The Internet therefore did not invent anything. It was Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, who set up this economic model for the first time on the Internet in 1996. From the 2000s, the affiliation made its appearance in France.

Who are the different players in affiliate marketing?

To fully understand the concept of affiliate marketing, let’s first see the different stakeholders. There are three: the affiliate, the seller, and the buyer.

You, as a freelance trainer or a small training organization, are above all a salesperson. So you can leverage the affiliation to sell your offers through partners.

But remember that you can also be affiliates yourself and promote partner offers. Stay open to opportunities, because it can be a significant additional income to grow your business. For that you need to properly upgrade computer hardware. If your system is proper, only then you can hope for a proper work in computer upgrade now. Here are more information that you will have to follow in this case. Let us have a look depth about the matter.

Benevolent marketing

What is an affiliate platform? What’s the point?

Each affiliate is paid according to the volume of clientele that he brings to the seller, to the advertiser. However, some technical questions immediately arise.

  • How can the seller know which affiliate made a particular sale?
  • How does an affiliate know they made a sale for the seller?
  • When are we going to consider a sale to be made?

We see that all stakeholders need a system that provides transparent monitoring and reliable information.

To set up this marketing leverage, the seller uses an affiliate platform. This constitutes the technical solution allowing it to manage the sales generated by its affiliates. The seller therefore offers his affiliates to register for his affiliate program.


In this context, you probably quickly understand that as a seller the choice of your affiliate platform is of paramount importance. She is in a way the trusted intermediary between the two parties.

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