Finer Choices for the Visitor Management Now

You already have a good product, a good value proposition and a good technique to connect with your customers.

What is the following?

Prepare business visits to take advantage of business opportunities and achieve success.Making a good pre-visit is essential if we want to achieve good results and close as many sales as possible with a sale. Appointments are not mechanical work, although it may seem so, and the fulfillment of the objectives is based on strategic planning. If it comes to the proper visitor management, then it is for sure that you will be having the visitor pass software here.

Do you want to pleasantly surprise your users and get fruitful visits?

To do this you must know your client, follow a strategy and learn from it. In this article we show you some tips to prepare optimal business visits in a few minutes.

Prepare business visits: what data should we incorporate into my strategy

If the salesperson better organizes each visit, he improves his confidence and his control of the client , making it easier to close orders and boost sales . To prepare fruitful business visits we must know each user in depth. To do this, we must be able to collect certain strategic information:

Client’s profile

What do you do, what products do you buy and who, who is your competition and what is your business model, etc. Is he a busy person? What do you spend your free time? What do you value of a supplier?

  • All the information that helps us to make a profile and a first segmentation of the prospectus, as well as to establish a possible connection with it.

Your tastes and needs

What products did we show you in the past and which ones were you interested in? What were your doubts and objections? These issues will help us determine your tastes and needs and adapt the offer to them.

Purchasing Comparison

For example, it would be very useful to know what the user bought during the same period last year and compare it with this exercise. This way we will know if the customer is acquiring more or less products / services compared to his purchase history.

Consumption habits

With them we can determine the frequency of purchase, quantity of certain products, purchased discounts, etc., and prepare a final offer tailored to each customer , to help us increase their order volume and recommend related products that you may not remember.

Reasons not to buy / objections

We must treat the reasons for not buying and objections as an opportunity offered by the client to better understand their needs and concerns and, ultimately, to know how to solve them better. In addition, they can help us learn what our users’ recurring needs are and solve them in future visits even before our interlocutor addresses them.

Functionalities to prepare commercial visits in a few minutes

Commercial tools incorporate a series of functionalities and possibilities of use that facilitate the pre-visit and the preparation of a commercial visit in a few minutes and with a lot of key information to know the client and sell more .

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