5 Tips for Planning a Memorable Corporate Event

Corporate events can be excellent platforms for helping your company strengthen the working relationships and innovative partnerships that serve as the building blocks of your brand’s growth and unique appeal. Organizing and attending conferences, meetings, and business get-togethers will give your employees, investors, partners, marketers, and other associates the ability to network and collaborate and become acquainted with one another in a meaningful manner that puts everyone on the same page. To help you get the most out of your upcoming corporate event, here are 5 planning tips to keep in mind:

1. Hire a Corporate Event Planner

If you really want to make sure your event is unforgettable and achieves its intended purpose, hiring a professional corporate event planner would be the most reliable route to take. Despite the fact that this approach will involve making an additional investment, the funds will be well-spent if your goal is to create the best possible event for everyone involved.

2. Use Team Building Activities

Team building activities will add fun and flare to the festivities while also lightening the mood to free up creativity. They’ll also give you the opportunity to see how your employees work together in problem-solving scenarios and creative projects. If you’ve never organized any team building activities before, be sure to do your research in this area in the weeks leading up to your event.

3. Focus on Design and Decor

Designing and decorating the venue will play an important role in how visually memorable the event will be in the long-term. Of course, showing up to a basic setup of table and chairs at a conference probably isn’t going to make for the most firmly rooted memories, unless the proceedings wind up being so entertaining or groundbreaking as to overshadow the lack of aesthetics.

4. Invite Great Speakers

The people who give speeches and presentations will heavily influence how the event is perceived. In fact, a truly great speaker can create lasting memories at any event, even if you were to ignore all of the other tips on this list. Look for members within your company or social network who fit the bill before you opt for paying tens of thousands for a guest speaker. Alternatively, an event MC is a good way to keep your event on track and ensure that your guests are comfortable in the hands of an experienced speaker.

5. Choose a Scenic or Iconic Venue

Try to hold your event at a venue that is highly scenic or iconic due to its location or reputation, as this will provide a prestigious backdrop that won’t soon be forgotten. Since people tend to tie their memories to surroundings, opting for a highly memorable venue is one way to make sure your event leaves a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Corporate Events Can Be Game Changers

In closing, try to remember that the networking and planning that takes place at an event can wind up providing a dramatic boost in revenue and brand awareness for your company in the long-term. Take all of the steps above and you can be sure that your event will achieve optimal results regardless of what industry you operate in.

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Written by Paul Watson

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